Zero is watching…

First kettlebell workout in well over a year. Already have blisters and bruises on my arms. And it was pretty basic. Man, these things are monsters.

By the Old Gods (beers) and the New, today was a good day.

Not only did I pick up this year’s new Ommegang Game of Thrones beer Valar Morghulis (an Abbey Dubbel hell yeah), but I also got lucky and found a two year old bottle of Take the Black Stout!

The Miles Ahead Mini Challenge might be the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Three time trials runs on a cone course. (at Indy Motor Speedway)

Video of the pit stop challenge. @rob_since85 and I were almost perfect (at Indy Motor Speedway)

Robert and I’s run at the pit stop challenge! 11 seconds boo yeah! (at Indy Motor Speedway)

The winning painting Jeremy’s Famous Flying Machine sold for $750! #ArtvsArt (at The Vogue Theatre)

Fire breathing! #ArtvsArt

Oh no! The two best paintings face off in the semis! Fantastic Flying Machine defeats Ecstasy of Prince Adam! #ArtvsArt (at The Vogue Theatre)

The gorilla destroys Dragon and Firefly with the chainsaw!!! #ArtvsArt (at The Vogue Theatre)