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The only headphones that also fill all your Carcosa ritual needs!

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Cop Pens Touching Op-Ed: Do Everything I Say and I Won't Kill You →


"If you don’t want to get shot just do what I tell you" is a purely insane thing to say. That is not how human interaction is supposed to work, regardless of whether an "authority figure" is involved or not.

I’ll go a step further - the repercussions of an authority figure of any kind having this mindset are disastrous. The writer of the Op-Ed means well, and I truly appreciate where he is coming from when writing his essay. And that makes it even worse. How can you respect an institution that generates this type of mindset? You shouldn’t. At all.

I’m drinking beer out of Buddha. #Nirvana

Another Summer intern class has come and gone. And guess what? Jeff Mlynski and I still sit atop the record books for most times winning the German Fernandez Intern of the Week Award. Will anyone ever replicate our success? Unlikely. (at Usa Track & Field)

Yes! So excited! And they have hand cut fries with smoke bone marrow butter @rohunr! (at North End Barbecue And Moonshine)

I saw someone in a duck costume today and thought of this

I saw someone in a duck costume today and thought of this

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Somewhere around my 27th or 28th viewing of Mrs. Doubtfire one summer, I remember my dad telling me an anecdote about Robin Williams: that he was able to walk into a room and make a joke about any object he saw. It was this super-sharp, observational humor that set him apart from other comedians and made him a success.

I’ve never been able to confirm if the story was true, but it stuck with me. I wanted to have that skill. It’s probably the reason I’ve subjected my friends to many a C+ joke, but it’s also probably the reason I take in as much as I do at any given time or in any given place. It’s definitely the reason I had any confidence in writing anything for public consumption while I was on tour. Accurate story or not, he shaped my sense of humor and the way I pay attention.

A few weeks ago, I found a To-Do list I made when I first moved to Los Angeles. I had lofty ambitions in late-night comedy (end of joke?), so the list had a bunch of things like classes to take, things to write, things to read. But at the bottom, in all caps, was:


And it’s the one thing on the list that still feels relevant.

Robin Williams has a string of movies that I’ll always hold as favorites (some of which are responsible for my biggest aspirations), but I think his greatest impact was in his legend. Salute.



Same. RIP Robin.

#TornStubs Guardians of the Galaxy!!! Finally! Wish it wasn’t in 3D but I’ll deal. (at AMC Showplace 17 IMAX)

This is from a sign at the Fashion Mall. What does it remind you of? A true nerd test… (at Fashion Mall at Keystone)