Peyton Manning is about to break Brett Favre’s career passing touchdown record. You will hear about it all week. It will be forced down your throat. It will be obnoxious. And it will not even come close to how much this milestone deserves. The amount of effort that has gone into each of those TDs is without equal. It’s not very often you can see, in one moment, a lifetime of work pay off. Make sure you see it happen.

So far no dinosaurs.

More Georgetown. Took this mid-stair workout, aka just walking around campus.

Hi Georgetown. Let’s hang out

The EOD crew asked me to do pushups. I did as I was told. #Army10Miler (at D.C. Armory)

So, I did this today. Suited up in a full EOD suit at the Army 10 Miler expo. I have such a weird and awesome job. (at D.C. Armory)

Promo flyer construction party with Mr. Nosferatu at the hotel. Exciting.

Pizza, ping pong, and beer. I love DC. (at Comet Ping Pong)

Crab cakes and football, that’s what Maryland does.

Home of the Po’rritos. Um… OK. (at Da Levee)